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Our Learn to Skate Class is a 5 week program designed for the beginner skaters. Instructors for the class our World and National Champion skaters with over 50+ years on Roller Skates. The Class is from 5:45-6:30 and includes Rental as well as the Family Night skate session immediately after the class. The minimum age for the class is 5 years old. 
Skaters will learn how to:

  • Fall Down Properly
  • Get Up correctly
  • Balance on skates
  • Make Skates roll using correct technique
  • “Shoot the Duck”(used for Limbo Game)
  • Stop Correctly
  • Most importantly – Have Fun while Roller Skating

Goal for everyone at the end of the class is being able to have skates rolling without holding onto anyone or anything.
Parents will be able to and are encouraged to help assist their children the first week of the class