Kids Roller Skates

Kids roller skates for indoor skating and outdoor skating.We have been selling skates for kids for over 20 years. Our 40+ years of skating experience allows us to give every skater the information they need to find the best skates for their needs. When you are purchasing kids roller skates there are several things to keep in mind.

What to look at:
  • Ability level of the skater
  • Age of the skater
  • Where skating will take place
  • Price that you are wanting to spend

Kids Skates come in many varieties, colors, and styles. Quad skates versus inlines skates is always a question to be answered. The best way to start out learning to roller skate is on a conventional quad 4-wheel skate. Inline skates are hard for younger children to balance on due to the weakness still in their ankles. Quad Skates give kids the ability to balance much better and feel more confident on while skating. We recommend getting kids started on quad roller skates at a very young age as there is no fear of falling and they are much closer to the ground. Once a child is confident and more advanced they can venture into inline skates as an option.

We sell kids roller skates that can be used indoors or outside. The wheels that come on the skates we well are polyurethane wheels (no hard plastic like some at the big box stores) and make skating on indoor surfaces much easier. The harder wheels are great because they last but we be extremely slippery on indoor surfaces. If skating outside the softer wheels will help absorb some of the rough surfaces that a skater might come in contact with. Smooth surfaces are always the best to skate on outside, such as tennis courts or concrete drives.


Price of kids roller skates can vary tremendously for sure. No parent wants to invest a lot of money on skates that a child will grow out of real fast. Roller skates can be found as low as $29 and as much as $200 for kids. We recommend taking into consideration the ability level and amount of time the child will be skating. There are adjustable kids skates as well that will allow you to get extra time out of the skates you purchase. Some of these are extremely good for the little ones to get started. You want to find a comfortable and quality skate to give your little one the best skating experience.

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